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Master Key Systems

For property and business owners, it’s important to have access to all parts of a building — whether in the case of an emergency or to perform routine maintenance, master key systems are a convenient addition to any property. At Be Secure Locksmith, our Gainesville locksmiths are masters at what they do and are able to efficiently and properly prepare a property’s lock system for a master key. Contact us today to have a master key system installed in your commercial or residential property.

What Are Master Key Systems?

Master key systems are a form of lock security that allows for select keys to open more than just one lock. Rather than having one key for every single lock, a single key can be used to open each door. Think of the master key system as a hierarchy system — the master key opens every door on the property, and the sub-keys underneath only open the door or doors they’re designated for. These systems provide a more secure method for property owners to gain access to portions of their community, as it limits the number of keys in circulation for a building from multiple to just one.

When Are Master Key Systems Necessary?

Property managers need to be able to easily access all portions of their community in a reasonable manner. This is where master key systems come into play. For example, a residential property owner who owns an apartment community needs for each resident to have their own individualized key, as each resident only needs access to their unit. But the property manager needs access to every single unit for maintenance or inspection purposes. Rather than carrying a clunky belt of keys around and trying to figure out which key goes to which door, a single master key can be used to gain access to every property, making the process take a fraction of the time.

Master Key Re-Keying

In most cases, the lock systems found throughout a building are relatively the same brand of locks. But as years go on and different owners cycle in and out of ownership, there’s a high possibility that new locks have been installed in certain doors and not in others. In these cases, our locksmiths will perform a new lock installation on any doors that require to be changed before performing a re-keying. Re-keying changes out the internal components of a lock, allowing for new keys to be manufactured for the locks. Not only does this negate the chance of an individual using an older key to gain access to the property, but it also ensures that the master key will be able to be used on all the locks on the property without incompatibility issues.


Gainesville Master Key System Locksmiths

Having full access to your property on a moment’s notice is vital for any property manager. If an emergency ever occurs and there’s a need to get into a building, fumbling through a clump of keys is the last thing you want to do. To get a master key system installed for your commercial or residential property, contact our locksmiths in Gainesville, FL, today! We service areas all throughout GainesvilleAlachuaHigh SpringsNewberry, and other surrounding areas to provide fast locksmith services to all our clients. Keep your property secure and get a high-quality master key system that will last from our team at Be Secure Locksmith.