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Door locks are essential to the safety of your home or business, but they are prone to natural wear and tear. Dust, rust, humidity and other factors like excessive force can all compromise a door lock’s structural integrity over time. This can cause them to get stuck or jam up. Even worse, damaged and worn door locks are easier to pick and are less reliable for keeping your property safe.

If you’re experiencing any of these issues and want to take control of the safety of your home or property, then you may want to consider lock repair. Door lock repair service is a different solution than door lock replacement, so you should know more about it to determine if it’s the right choice for your security needs.

Door Lock Repair — What You Need to Know

Like any mechanical component, a door lock consists of many smaller pieces that can break down over time. When these smaller pieces are working properly, you can lock and unlock your door without a second thought. But if even one of these components malfunctions, you may find yourself unable to lock your door. This can take away your peace of mind and leave you more vulnerable to theft or break-ins.

As a homeowner or property manager, it’s your responsibility to know the state of your door locks at all times. You may be unaware you need door lock repair services unless you take an active role in checking on the condition of your door locks every time you use them. You can also hire a professional locksmith to check the state of your door locks once per year, and they can do the door lock repair and maintenance work needed to keep them functioning.

If your lock is broken, door lock repair could be exactly what you need to take back control of your home’s security. However, you may also be considering door lock replacement, which is a valid option for fixing your door lock issues. Each solution has its own pros and cons that you can learn more about below.

How to Determine You Need Lock Repair Services vs. Replacement

Some significant differences exist between lock repair services and full lock replacements. Lock repairs usually involve replacing or fixing pins, springs or other components within the lock cylinder. Door lock replacements involve the removal of old door lock hardware to make room for a brand new door lock. Then, a professional locksmith installs the brand new door lock in the place of the old one.

The question you need to answer is whether you need a door lock repair or replacement. Read below to help you determine this for yourself. You can also call a locksmith to perform an inspection and give you their professional opinion.

When You Need Lock Repair Services

You can discover many signs that point to the need for a lock repair by paying attention to how your lock feels when using it to go in and out of your house every day. Here are three of the main signs you need to call a professional for lock repair:

  • You have difficulty turning the key: If it feels harder to turn the key than usual, you may need door lock repair. Some of the internal components are starting to break down, causing a slower turning process. This is usually a sign of a door lock getting old, but a repair should be able to fix it.
  • The key gets stuck in the lock frequently: Having a key get stuck in the lock can be a concerning experience. Even if you’re able to remove the key, you should get your door lock repaired before your key gets stuck in such a way that you can’t get it out.
  • Your key is unable to turn the lock: In some of the worst scenarios, the locking mechanism will remain frozen even when you try turning the correct key in the lock. Consider getting a lock repair to fix the issue.

When You Need Door Lock Replacement

Some situations will require you to get a door lock replacement to maintain the security of your home or property, including the following:

  • Someone broke into your home: If you’ve been a recent victim of theft or a break-in, you may want to replace your locks. Replacing them with new ones with better technology will help you regain your peace of mind.
  • Your locks have sustained unrepairable damage: Some damage is beyond repair. You can cause this damage by accident, or the damage can be the result of a break-in. Either way, you can only regain control over your safety by replacing such a damaged door lock.
  • Your lock is rusted and weathered: Locks that deal with the elements on a regular basis will start to rust and experience other problems as a result of the weather beating against them. For instance, rust can stop a key from entering the locking mechanism and pushing up the tumblers correctly. This can render your key useless, and the only way to fix it is with a door lock replacement.
  • Your lock is old: Old locks, especially ones that have experienced frequent use, start to wear down and become less effective. Plus, it’s easy to realize you have multiple sets of your keys floating around, keys you gave to neighbors, friends, family members, former roommates and so on. To reset the number of people who have keys to your property, you may wish to replace your old locks.

Common Lock Problems

Most of the time, homeowners don’t need to replace the entire lock to get it back to working condition, but only the lock cylinder, which is the part containing the keyhole. For some lock types, such as rim and level cylinder locks, repairing the tailpiece might do. In any case, a residential locksmith in Gainesville will be better able to address the situation and give you a few viable options once they’ve inspected the lock. If necessary, our team can rekey or change the damaged lock.

Any sign your lock isn’t working properly should make you cautious. Even minor inconveniences could be signs of a damaged or worn lock. To help your home stay protected, have a professional locksmith take a look as soon as you notice an issue. If you find yourself locked out of your home, don’t hesitate to contact an emergency locksmith to get you back inside.

Every lock is different, but most of them are susceptible to the same problems. The good news is that commercial and residential lock repair professionals can fix most of the issues that plague door locks. Here are the most common door lock problems:

  • Entire lock cylinder turns
  • Door won’t’ stay closed
  • Key stuck in the lock
  • Stuck deadbolt
  • Misaligned door latch
  • Key turns but won’t unlock
  • Jammed door lock
  • Difficulty inserting key
  • Key turns slowly

Benefits of Door Lock Repair Services

When you want to repair your door lock, here are the reasons why hiring a professional locksmith is the best option:

  • Quality services: Professional locksmiths have the training, tools, skill and expertise to solve all your lock-related problems. Whether you need a repair, replacement or even professional rekeying service, a reputable locksmith can get the job done.
  • Upgraded home security: When you get your door lock repaired, you get to enjoy revamped security and more peace of mind. You can choose to install state-of-the-art door locks, including smart locks and other types of electronic door locks.
  • Emergency services: One of the best parts of relying on a professional to meet your needs is that many of them offer 24-hour and emergency service. This means you can regain the security of your property the moment you need it.

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