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Commercial Services

Full Master Re-Keying Systems

A master lock system allows for specific keys to open more than just one lock. Re-keying a master lock involves changing out the internal lock components of the lock and making new keys. For example, if you have lost a copy of the old key to your business and you are afraid someone will find it and access your business, our locksmiths in Gainesville can re-key your locks, which can help make sure the master key can be used on all the locks on the property.

High-Security Lock Sale & Installation

We carry leading brands of high-security locks to help strengthen the security of your business property to help make sure only authorized individuals can get into the building. High-security locks are designed to increase your business’s protection against manipulation, such as a break-in. In addition, our experienced commercial locksmiths can install high-security locks on your building’s door sledding to the outside or even inside your building to help protect valuable assets.

Install All Commercial Grade Locks

Installing commercial-grade locks can help to maximize security for your business, which is why there is a set of industry standards to verify the quality of these locks. So, whether you are looking to upgrade to a keyless electronic lock, smart lock, or just want to reinforce your business’s security, Be Secure Locksmith can help choose the best commercial lock for your business based on your needs and door types, and our experienced locksmiths can install all commercial grade locks.

Master Key Program

master key system allows for select keys to open more than just one lock, so a single key can be used rather than having many keys for each door. This allows for the property owner to supervise access while saving space on their keyring. Our Gainesville locksmiths can efficiently and properly prepare a property’s lock system for a master key. Contact us today to have a master key system installed on your commercial property.
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Existing Lock Repair

Over time your business’s locks can wear down and become damaged due to humidity, rust, excessive force, and other factors, which can cause them to jam or get stuck. If you are noticing any issues with your commercial locks, such as resistance when turning the key, it may be time for lock repair. At Be Secure Locksmith, our locksmiths have experience repairing many different types of locks without performing a new lock installation.