Be Secure Locksmith

Residential Services

Your house doors are an essential part of home security, but if they don’t have strong locks, you could be compromising the safety of your home. Our locksmiths in Gainesville can keep your locks in good condition, change them when necessary, and advise you on additional home security measures such as high-security locks. We even change sliding glass door locks. Contact us today to schedule locksmith services when you need them. You’re secure with Be Secure Locksmith!

Emergency Lockouts

A home lockout is beyond inconvenient. Whether you misplaced your keys, accidentally locked them inside your home, or even your car, we offer fast and efficient home lockout services for homes, apartments, rooms, and even bike locks and padlocks! Trying to open the door yourself or depending on less knowledgeable technicians could cause costly damage to your door, weatherstripping, or to the lock itself.

Lock Sale & Installation

New lock installation can increase the security and safety of your home for your family. We can install new locks under any circumstance but highly suggest that locks to your home be changed if you’ve moved into a new home, a roommate, tenant, or ex has moved out, you’ve lost keys to the house, or have a damaged lock that cannot be repaired. We carry and install the leading brands for high-security locks, keyless electronic locks, and smart locks.

Key Duplication

We provide key copy services when you want to have more than one copy of a key, whether for roommates, a significant other, or family. We ensure our key duplicates will work without issue, and we can make as many copies as you need!

Re-Keying Locks

Only the internal components are changed out when we re-key locks, rather than changing the entire lock. So, if you’ve lost a key, a roommate has moved out, or you’re planning on renting out your home, re-keying can provide simple peace of mind.

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Lock Repair

While we usually suggest replacing a lock rather than repairing it, because an old lock can be a security risk, we can provide door lock repair in cases where repairing is an option because an old lock can be a security risk. At Be Secure Locksmith, our locksmiths have experience repairing many different locks, including knob and deadbolt, without requiring a new lock installation.

Electronic Locks

Electronic locks provide the best of both worlds, incorporating hard-to-bypass features with convenient access options. Keep your property secure without limiting daily productivity with an electronic lock from Be Secure Locksmith

Automotive Locksmith

In addition to residential locksmithing services, we provide locksmith services for any type of vehicle, including cars, trucks, scooters, and even utility vehicles and RVs. We provide car key replacement and car key programming to keep all of your vehicles secure!

Mailbox Lock Replacement

Your mailbox houses private and sensitive information that could be used to steal your identity. Whether it’s a community mailbox system or you want extra security for a single mailbox, we provide mailbox lock replacement for any type of mailbox. We can ensure that the last tenant or homeowner won’t have access to your mail.