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Mailbox Lock Installation

Most people don’t consider their mailbox a security risk, but when you think about how much sensitive information it can hold, you may begin to worry. Without proper security, a mailbox can be vulnerable to break-ins, possibly leading to identity theft, financial loss, and a lot of unnecessary stress. Changing your mailbox locks can help give you peace of mind about an often overlooked aspect of your home security. Contact our locksmiths in Gainesville, FL, at Be Sure Locksmith today to schedule locksmith services for your home or business.

In the past, the postal service would provide new mailbox keys or lock replacements, but this service is no longer available. Now, homeowners, business owners, and renters or property managers are responsible for mailbox locks. Prior owners, renters, or people allowed access to their mailbox could now have access to yours, leaving you unsure who might have a copy of the mailbox key. If you want to know that your mailbox is truly secure, mailbox lock replacement is a necessity.

If you’re in the market for mailbox locks, we have a wide assortment of leading brands in the industry. Replacing a lock in a community mailbox system may limit you on which type of mailbox lock you can use, but our residential locksmith can advise you on which mailbox lock is best for your specific needs.

If you manage an apartment or residential community, you know how frequently mailbox locks need replacement. We can work with any community to provide fast and efficient mailbox lock replacements and installations to keep you and your residents safe and happy. Give us a call, and we’ll handle all of your locksmithing needs!

If you’ve moved to a new office or changed business locations, it’s important to replace the mailbox lock at the same time that you have new locks installed for your doors. Ask us about our master key systems and other commercial locksmithing services to make your business security more convenient.