Be Secure Locksmith


Emergency Lockouts

It can be frustrating and even frightening to get locked out of your home, car, or business. That’s why Be Secure Locksmith Gainesville offers emergency locksmith services.

Key Duplication

At Be Secure Locksmith, key patterns can be matched and transferred to a brand new, blank key, providing multiple matching keys for both motor vehicles and residential properties.

Commercial & Residential
Lock Re-Keying

The process of re-keying a lock involves changing a lock’s internal workings, meaning that old keys will no longer be able to open the doors. During commercial and residential lock re-keying, the deadbolts, knobs, and levers are not replaced, and all that is needed to access your home or business is a new key.

New Lock Installation

Our Gainesville locksmiths offer you stress and hassle-free installation of your new locks. Changing the locks in your home or for your business can help you feel safer, so trust the experienced and professional locksmiths, equipped with the right tools, knowledge, and experience, at Be Secure Locksmith to get the job done right the first time.

Lock Repair

Door locks are a crucial part of your home or business. Like any other piece of furniture or hardware, locks are prone to natural wear and tear. Humidity, rust, dust, excessive force, and other factors can all compromise their structural integrity over time, and cause them to jam or get stuck. Even worse, worn and damaged door locks are easier to pick, making them less reliable for keeping your home or business safe.

Car Key Replacement

Whether your keys have been lost or stolen, have become worn down, or have broken in your car door or ignition, Be Secure Locksmith can come directly to you and make a replacement car key on the spot. Our experienced automotive locksmiths can also reprogram electronic car keys.

Car Key Programming

Many of today’s vehicle manufacturers include an Immobilizer system as a deterrent to car theft. This system is built-in to the car’s computers and allows communication between itself and the key once it is put into the Ignition.

Mailbox Lock Installation

Without proper security, a mailbox can be vulnerable to break-ins, possibly leading to identity theft, financial loss, and a lot of unnecessary stress. Changing your mailbox locks can help give you peace of mind about an often overlooked aspect of your home security.

Property Management

Whether a property manager is looking to install new locks and re-key an entire complex, a construction company is in need of locks and keys for a new building, or an insurance company is ready to work for a claim.

Electronic Locks

Electronic locks provide the best of both worlds, incorporating hard-to-bypass features with convenient access options. Keep your property secure without limiting daily productivity with an electronic lock from Be Secure Locksmith.

Master Key Systems

Master key systems are a form of lock security that allows for select keys to open more than just one lock. Rather than having one key for every single lock, a single key can be used to open each door. These systems provide a more secure method for property owners to gain access to portions of their community, as it limits the number of keys in circulation for a building from multiple to just one.

Interchangeable Core Locks

When your locks start to get old and worn down after years and years of use or in the event of an owner change, it may be your first thought to have the locks replaced, but there is an alternative — interchangeable core locks. Locks with interchangeable cores allow for quick repairs and re-keying services.