Be Secure Locksmith

Emergency Lockouts

Automotive Lockouts

One thing is for sure, you don’t want to be the person locked outside of their car, wiggling a coat hanger into your vehicle to try and get back inside (possibly causing hundreds of dollars in damage destroying the weather stripping in the process). Call Be Secure Locksmith Gainesville right away! We are the top locksmith in Gainesville as well as the surrounding areas with quickest response time. We will have you back inside your vehicle quickly, without inflicting any damage! We are Professionals.

We DO NOT use outdated technology such “SLIM JIMS” to open your vehicle, and we recommend you not to allow anyone near your vehicle with one of these tools. They often do more harm than good, for example: Destroying the window insulation or even TEARING APART your side airbag, causing it not to deploy in the case of an accident!

Residential Lockouts

It can be frustrating and even frightening to get locked out of your home. That’s why Be Secure Locksmith Gainesville offers emergency locksmith services. Whether you lose your house key in the middle of the workday or you’re locked out of your home in the middle of the night, we’ll respond promptly to your call and have you back inside as quickly as possible. As the premier residential locksmiths in Gainesville, we handle all types of locks, including locks to houses, apartments, bedrooms, and dorm rooms as well as padlocks to lockers, garages, and bike locks. We also use the latest technology, so there’s no damage to your property — it’s like we were never there!

Electronic Locks

Electronic locks are a practical choice for homeowners who find themselves constantly having to replace keys or frequently having to swap out locks. With an electronic lock installation, homeowners can easily incorporate a secure system that can be locked and unlocked remotely, have a consistently changing set of pin combinations, and can even keep records for every time an individual enters and leaves the property. To learn more about how our electronic lock systems can help with lockouts and improve the security of your home, contact our Gainesville locksmiths today.


Commercial Lockouts

Being locked out of your store, office, or business location can cost you both time and money. We’ll get you back inside as fast as possible so you can resume work operations with little-to-no interruption. Whether it’s the front door to a building or a padlock on an equipment storage facility, we can unlock anything that requires a key! Our commercial locksmiths also take great care not to leave any marks or scratches on locks and doors to ensure your business remains presentable to clients and customers. This level of detail is what distinguishes Be Secure Locksmith Gainesville from all the others!

Bicycle Locks & Scooter Lockouts

Lockouts are never convenient — they typically occur when you need to access your bike or scooter the most. With Be Secure Locksmith Gainesville, you never have to wait until regular business hours to gain access to your bike or scooter. We offer anytime emergency locksmith services for prompt and reliable help with unlocking any type or brand of bike or scooter. Our bicycle and scooter locksmiths can unlock anything that requires a key, including u-locks; d-locks; chain locks; cable locks; wheel locks; smart locks; disc rotor locks; and more! Our professional locksmith services use the latest technology in the locksmithing industry, so you never have to worry about damage to your property.