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Automotive Services

Like any piece of technology or locks, your car keys are prone to wear and tear and possibly even breaking due to age and use. This could mean your key’s transponder stopped working, the key broke in the ignition, your keys were stolen, or you lost them. No matter what the issue, Be Secure Locksmith provides automotive locksmith services that come to you, so we can get you back on the road in no time!

In need of an automotive locksmith? Contact the locksmiths in Gainesville at Be Secure Locksmith. We specialize in all types of car key cutting and key making. Get in touch with us today to schedule locksmith services.

Car Key Replacement

Be Secure Locksmith automotive services include car key replacement. Our car key replacement service can save you a trip to the car dealership, which could save you time and money, especially if you have to get your car towed there. Additionally, our experienced Gainesville locksmiths can create a replacement key even if you don’t have the original, and the best part — our mobile locksmiths are able to travel to you!

Car Key Programming

Most car keys today come with a push-button start system, keyless entry, or sometimes both! Be Secure Locksmith can reprogram the keys of 90% of all domestic and foreign vehicles. If a car does not recognize the key, it will not allow the engine to start until it has been properly programmed to that specific key, so call us today to schedule an appointment to have one of our technicians come out and properly program a key.

Remote Car Key Programming

Some car keys can be programmed remotely using a pre-existing key, but this isn’t the case for all keys and all cars, and it is not possible to remotely program a FOB key. Depending on your make and model, transponder key programming can be done at a separate location, but there is still some mechanical key manipulation. Thankfully, Be Secure Locksmith is here to remotely program your car key anytime you need it with our emergency services!

FOB Key Programming

Our experienced locksmiths in Gainesville, FL, can handle every step of programming a FOB key and other FOB-related tasks. However, as each car has a very distinct FOB programming method and requires specific tools not available to the public, it is better to leave this task to the professionals. Contact us today if you require a FOB key programmed.