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4 Common Locksmith & Security-Related Myths Debunked

Like with any other topic of interest, there’s quite a bit of misinformation and confusion on the internet regarding locksmiths and what they do. Some people are not even aware that locksmiths are still around, even in our increasingly-digital and automatic world. Others don’t even think twice about changing their locks or replacing their car key batteries unless it’s an emergency.

In any case, learning more about locksmiths and what services they offer can help you and your family stay safer at home, in the car, or at work. Here are some of the most common locksmith-related myths you should avoid.

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You Should Only Call A Locksmith During An Emergency

While it is true that a reputable locksmith company like Be Secure Locksmith can help you during emergency lockouts, there are other instances where you may want professional help. For example, if you’ve recently bought a house or had to fire an employee who held access to your office, you may want to schedule lock rekeying services to keep unwanted visitors out. Similarly, you may need a car locksmith to help you program extra car keys.

Locksmiths Keep A Copy Of Your Key

This is perhaps the most common myth we hear people mention time and time again. No — professional locksmiths do not keep a copy of your key for their records. Doing so would be a violation of your privacy and highly unprofessional. If you’re concerned about your locksmith’s trustworthiness, look for professionals with credentials. As the leading locksmith company in North Central Florida, Be Secure Locksmith is both licensed and insured.

Lockpicking Is Easy & Just Like In The Movies

We all enjoy a good spy movie, but the truth is lockpicking is far from a simple hack. It requires the right tools, patience, and skills. Even lockpicking enthusiasts with decent sets could end up damaging a few locks before getting it right. What’s worse, even if you successfully pick the lock, there’s a possibility that you may have weakened its parts and made it easier for thieves to get in. To be safe, leave the job to a professional locksmith.

Locksmiths Only Respond To House Calls

This one can not be further from the truth. As a full-service company, Be Secure Locksmith offers residential, automotive, and commercial locksmith services. Whether you need to rekey an apartment for a new tenant or need a master key for your office, we have the tools and expertise required to get the job done. What’s more, we are also available to assist in commercial projects and new constructions as subcontractors.