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5 Reasons Your Car Key Isn’t Working

Ever notice how car lockouts happen at the most inconvenient of times? Whether it’s on a day you’re running late to work or have a necessary appointment to attend on the other side of town, it always seems like your car keys wait until that morning to start acting up. We get it. Losing access to your vehicle is frustrating. Fortunately, among the vast array of possible causes for a defective car key, particular problems are simpler to fix than others. So, to learn more about the possible reasons your car key isn’t working, as well as how to tell when it’s time to call a mobile locksmith, check out the five most common reasons car keys stop working below.

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Damaged Car Key

In essence, keys are tools — and tools are prone to wear and tear after years of consistent use. After being ground against locks, smooshed into pockets, and dropped onto hard surfaces — chips, breaks, and fractures may alter a car key’s grooves, rendering them virtually useless. Once a key sustains so much damage it stops working, it will need to be replaced. Contact one of our experienced locksmiths today for a car key replacement!

Damaged Lock

Sometimes, the problem may have nothing to do with the car key itself. A damaged lock is just as likely to have caused your car lockout as a broken key. In particular, older model cars that require vehicle owners to insert a key to unlock their doors manually are susceptible to developing lock problems due to wear and tear. To combat their natural wearing down over time, it’s recommended that car owners regularly clean and lubricate their vehicle’s door locks. If you suspect your car door’s lock has been damaged and requires repair, get in touch with one of our experienced auto locksmiths.

Expired Key Fob Batteries

Often, the simplest answer is the correct one. If you’re having trouble unlocking your car remotely, then the answer may simply be that the batteries in your key fob or remote keyless system have died. Luckily, this problem is a reasonably easy fix. Once your key fob’s batteries start to run out of juice, find the right kind for your particular system and replace them.

Car door lock still not responding after the batteries have been replaced? It’s possible that your fob’s programming may have been lost when its batteries died. Contact us for car key programming services!

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Defective Ignition Cylinder

Similar to how car door locks can become worn and faulty following consecutive use, your car’s ignition cylinder can wear down as well. Damage to a car’s ignition cylinder is a far larger problem than a broken lock or key. Diagnose this issue by testing if your key works on mechanisms other than the car’s ignition cylinder. If you find that the key operates fine when inserted into your vehicle’s door and trunk locks, then the problem is likely a faulty ignition cylinder.

You’re Using A Duplicate Key

Duplicate keys are wonderful tools to keep around, as they grant security and peace of mind in the unfortunate circumstance someone loses their original set. However, problems may arise if someone gets to the point in which they are using a duplicate of a duplicate key. This is because no duplicate is a perfect copy. Each time a key is duplicated, it becomes a little less like the original. Many people opt to duplicate their car keys over having a new one cut to code because it’s cheaper but keep in mind that doing so is not always the safest way to deter a lockout. Contact Be Secure Locksmith today to learn more about car key cutting!