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When Should You Rekey Your Locks?

Whether it’s a home or a business, occasionally rekeying a lock is a sure-fire way to secure your property without the hassle of completely changing locks. When rekeying, a locksmith can change the pins’ configuration inside the lock, so that old keys no longer work. This way, you can keep your current lockset, and there is no need to replace the hardware entirely.

There are three specific instances when locks should be rekeyed to protect your property. If one of these three events has occurred and you haven’t rekeyed your home or business, it’s time to reach out to a locksmith near you!

You Recently Purchased

It can be easy to forget about your locks in all the excitement of purchasing and moving to a new place. However, not rekeying your locks during this time is ultimately a mistake. That’s because the previous owner and anyone else they gave a key to could still have access to your home or business. Of course, if you’re not in love with the lockset and you’re aiming to update the exterior, this is also the perfect time to have new locks installed.

Someone Moves Out

You don’t need to rush to rekey if your child has moved away to college but is still always welcome home. However, if you’ve gone through a break-up, divorce, a tenant has moved out, or you had to let go of an employee, anyone with access to your property can take advantage of it. Even if you parted ways amicably, it doesn’t serve you to rely on the likelihood that they won’t betray your trust. Whether a key has been returned to you, they could still have access to key duplicates. The best course of action, in this case, is just to rekey ASAP.

A Copy Has Been Lost

Having employees or family members probably means that a lot of people are responsible for a key to your property. However, it just takes one person losing a copy of the key to make your building vulnerable to someone who does not have permission to enter. Don’t wait for a lost key to be found or just forget about it. A mobile locksmith can quickly come out to you and rekey your lock in no time, so you don’t have to deal with any inconvenience.