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3 Ways A Locksmith Can Make Your Home More Secure

While there are several ways to add a sense of security to your home, such as installing a security system, the best course of action for home security is to keep home invaders out in the first place. Though locksmiths aren’t often considered home security specialists, they can actually be quite helpful when it comes to protecting your home. If you want to increase your home’s security, follow these three tips from Be Secure Locksmith Gainesville.

Whether it’s an emergency lockout or a copy of a key, we are the locksmith experts you can turn to. We even provide convenient mobile locksmith services.

Secure Your Doors

You might think that your doors are already pretty secure, but if your locks weren’t correctly installed or if the door is missing a security chain or deadbolt, things may not be as safe as you think. Installing a lock is more than just screwing some hardware into the door frame. The right type and screw length should be used to increase the lock’s resistance to being broken in. The best screws often don’t come with installation kits, and most homeowners aren’t aware of the best screw length and type. For the most secure lock installation, it pays to contact locksmith contractors.

Rekey A Lock

There are several instances when you should rekey your locks, such as when you lose your door key, after a break-up or divorce, or when you’ve just purchased the home. Rekeying a lock allows you to keep the current set of locks, which you may opt for if you like the style or if they are particularly secure and durable, while still making it as though it’s a new lock. Lock rekeying is a quick and inexpensive way to ensure no one who isn’t authorized has access to your home. In fact, regular rekeying means that you’ll always have control over who can get into your home.

Install High-Security Locks

With advances in technology, it’s easy to have a high-security digital lock that makes it impossible for anyone to lockpick their way into your home. And the convenience of an electronic lock is unparalleled. Rather than fishing around for your keys, you can easily open an electronic lock with a personalized code or on your smart device. The connectivity to wireless internet even allows you to control access to your property when you’re away from home. Can’t remember if you locked the door? There’s an app for that — and it will lock it for you if need be, no matter where you are in the world.