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Reilly Arts Center
The Reilly Arts Center, located at 500 NE 9th St, Ocala, FL 34470. Is a premier performing arts venue that has been serving the local community since 2015. The center is named after the Reilly family, who generously donated $5 million towards the construction of the facility.

The Reilly Arts Center is an elegant and modern space that is dedicated to showcasing a diverse range of artistic performances, including concerts, plays, dance performances, and more. The venue is equipped with state-of-the-art lighting and sound systems, as well as a large stage and ample seating, making it an ideal location for both local and touring performers.

One of the most notable aspects of the Reilly Arts Center is its commitment to offering a wide range of cultural and artistic events. In addition to hosting traditional performing arts shows, the center also regularly features events and exhibits that celebrate the rich cultural heritage of the local community. These events include live music performances from a variety of genres, art exhibitions, and educational programming for children and adults.

One of the center’s most popular events is the “Discover” series, which showcases the talents of up-and-coming musicians and artists from the local community. This series is designed to provide a platform for emerging talent and is a great way for audiences to experience new and exciting forms of art and entertainment.

The Reilly Arts Center also offers a variety of educational programming for children, including summer camps and after-school programs. These programs are designed to introduce children to the arts and foster a lifelong appreciation for music, theater, and other forms of creative expression.

In addition to its diverse programming, the Reilly Arts Center is also committed to making the arts accessible to all members of the community. The center offers a variety of ticket options, including discounted rates for students and seniors, as well as free events and performances throughout the year.

The Reilly Arts Center is a shining example of the transformative power of the arts. By bringing together people from all walks of life and providing a platform for creative expression and cultural exchange, the center has become an important part of the local community. Whether you are a lifelong resident of Ocala or just passing through, the Reilly Arts Center is a must-visit destination that offers something for everyone. More about Ocala

Overall, the Reilly Arts Center is a testament to the power of the arts to inspire, entertain, and educate. Through its diverse programming, commitment to community engagement, and dedication to accessibility, the center has become a beloved institution in the Ocala area and a model for other performing arts venues around the country. Whether you are a fan of music, theater, dance, or the visual arts, the Reilly Arts Center is a must-visit destination that offers something for everyone.

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