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Who To Call When Your Keys Are Locked In Your Car?

You might go a lifetime without locking your keys in the car, or you could do it tomorrow. That’s the reality of lockouts — they’re unpredictable. At Be Secure Locksmith, we’ve seen a fair share of auto lockouts in Gainesville. When a lockout happens to you, here’s a list of resources who can provide you with solutions.

Call A Gainesville Locksmith

In most cases, where you’ve locked keys in the car the simplest remedy is to call a locksmith. In a matter of minutes, we arrive on the scene; grab the right tools for the job; pop-open the door without damaging the car; and get you back onto the road. In addition to being inexpensive, locksmith services are dependable and hassle-free. We even provide emergency lockout services, just in case you’re out late and need a prompt response.

Call The Person Who Has Your Spare Key

Whether you bought the car new or from a previous owner on Craigslist, the vehicle likely came with a spare key. Rather than putting the spare in a random drawer and forgetting about it, hand it over to a trustworthy friend or a family member. That way, if you happen to get locked out of your car, you just have to text or call the friend or loved one to drop off the spare. You could even get a third key made and give it to another friend. In case the first is busy, the second may be available. Also, if someone is kind enough to hold your key, you could show gratitude by offering to carry theirs — just don’t lock it in the car, too!

Call The Dealership

Some people argue over which is worse: a trip to the car dealership or a visit with the dentist. But when you’re in a jam because your keys are locked inside your car, the dealership may have a spare key to rescue you. As long as you have a recent model, most dealerships will carry OEM (Original Equipment Manufacturer) keys for it. Of course, few things in life are free, and today’s car keys are fairly high-tech, meaning a replacement key can be costly. Since buying a new key is likely more expensive than lockout services, your best bet may be to call the locksmith.

Whether you’ve locked yourself out of a car, a truck, an SUV, or a scooter with a padlock, Be Secure Locksmith will have you back inside your automobile in minutes. We use the latest tools, so you don’t have to worry about damage to your vehicle — our service is always reliable. Hopefully your keys stay with you, but if you lock them in the car, we’re just a phone call away!