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Tips To Avoid Getting Locked Out Of Your Car

Standing next to a locked car in perfect working condition and seeing your keys still dangling from the ignition is a pretty frustrating situation to be in. Unless you have a spare key, there isn’t much you can do once that car door closes behind you. If you get stuck in this situation, there may be no other choice than to call an auto locksmith. The experienced locksmiths at Be Secure Locksmith are here to give you tips on how to avoid getting locked out of your car. Whether you need some assistance with an emergency lockout or you have to replace your car key, the professionals at Be Secure Locksmith are here to help! Contact us today to schedule locksmith services!

Lock The Car From The Outside

By making a habit out of holding onto your keys and waiting to lock your car doors until after you exit your vehicle, you won’t be able to lock the doors without your car keys. People have a common habit of setting their keys down on their passenger seat, which makes it easier to possibly forget them. It is also helpful to keep all your important things together. Keeping your phone and wallet nearby your keys makes you less likely to forget your keys.

Use A FOB To Lock The Doors

A habit for some people is to push the lock button to lock their vehicle as they get out of their car, which can easily lead to their keys getting locked in their car if the door latches shut before they can grab their keys. Use the key FOB as much as possible to get into the habit of using the key FOB instead of the button to lock the doors. This will make sure that the vehicle will not lock without the key FOB in hand.

Replace The Batteries To The Key FOB

Sometimes even using the key FOB will not lock or unlock your vehicle, so make sure that you check the battery of your key to make sure it is not dead. If it is, then you can buy a replacement key at an auto shop. In addition to replacing the key’s batteries, you might have to check the battery in your vehicle. If the car battery is dead, you may have to unlock your door by inserting the key.

Have A Set Of Spare Car Keys

When purchasing a vehicle, it is always important to get an extra set of keys made. While it may seem redundant, having a spare key on you, whether it’s inside a purse, wallet, or pocket, is a good idea, especially if you get locked out of your car often. Using a magnetic box, a spare key can also be hidden somewhere on the vehicle, usually on the underside of the vehicle or somewhere near the wheels. The only downside to this method is that someone could potentially find it. We can duplicate your car keys, even those that require advanced car key programming with your automobile.

Plan An Exit Routine

Using an exit routine can also get you into the habit of grabbing your keys before exiting the vehicle. By having one of getting yourself together, exiting the car, and getting the doors locked, you are less likely to leave your keys even when you may be in a hurry. When you have multiple ways of securing your keys and locking the door, you can get mixed up on your procedures and you can end up staring at your keys through the window of your locked car.

Use A Lanyard Or Carabiner

When you are carrying too many things at one time, you can easily forget to grab your keys. When using something like a lanyard, your keys come out of the ignition and go right around your neck, leaving your hands free for you to carry all your belongings. A carabiner, which is an oblong metal ring that has a spring-hinged side, can be used to attach keys to either a purse strap or a belt loop. By making it a habit of putting your keys on either a belt loop or around your neck, you and your keys will stay together.

Having the number of a Gainesville locksmith on hand can be helpful so that if you ever do lock yourself out of your car, help is just a phone call away.