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Benefits of Having Keyless Entry for Residential Apartment Buildings

As the owner of an apartment building, you know the importance of your tenants’ security. People want to live in safe apartment buildings. You must be able to show potential tenants that you’ve taken measures to ensure their safety and that only they have access to their living space. 

Tenant safety starts with the locks on their doors. Since you own the building, you control the types of locking mechanisms used. With today’s modern technology, you may want to consider residential keyless entry for your apartment building. 

What Is Keyless Entry?

Apartment building keyless entry is a system that gives tenants access to the apartment building and their specific apartment without needing a traditional key. A keyless residential apartment uses locking mechanisms that lock and unlock using devices like smartphones, keypads and key cards. Many keyless locks today use innovative technology to connect to smart systems, giving tenants new and exciting ways to use their locks. 

For instance, a tenant can lock and unlock their apartment door with the touch of a button on their smartphone app. They can monitor the status of their lock from anywhere with an internet connection. When the keyless lock is part of a smart system, a tenant can even use their voice to open the front door or lock the door before they go to bed. 

Benefits of keyless entry locks for apartment buildings

Benefits of Keyless Entry Locks for Apartment Buildings

The many unique features that keyless entry systems offer make them a popular option for businesses, homes and apartment buildings alike. Read on to discover some of the main benefits of keyless residential apartments to help you decide if switching to keyless locks is right for you. 

Greater Security

Switching to keyless entry locks can increase security in your apartment building. Consider apartment buildings that use a shared entry to reach the individual apartments within. With keyless entry, all tenants can have access to this door without having to add another key to their key rings. Plus, using keys for this shared door will put a lot of keys into rotation necessarily, which could increase the risk of key loss and unwanted entry. You can avoid this with keyless entry. 

Speaking of unwanted entry, keyless locks can reduce the potential for break-ins throughout your apartment building. Lock picking is virtually impossible with keyless locks that forgo the inclusion of a keyhole. And since tenants can receive notifications on their phones regarding the status of their smart lock, they will know if any unwanted entry has occurred and can react accordingly, rather than finding out when they return to their apartment. 

Advanced Lock Features

Door lock technology is quickly evolving, especially when it comes to keyless locks. There are many types of keyless locks with features including keypads, touchscreen, Bluetooth connectivity, Wi-Fi connectivity and more. Smart keyless locks can connect to security camera systems and alarm systems while putting control of the lock right into the palm of your hand with a smartphone. You can talk tell your security needs to a locksmith, and there’s sure to be a keyless lock with the advanced features you’re looking for.

With advanced lock features, your tenants can: 

  • Allow access to guests or delivery services anywhere they have an internet connection.
  • Set alarms and alerts in the event of a security breach.
  • Enjoy the added convenience of not having to carry keys.

Increased Apartment Value

How secure a building is will affect its value. This is true of the value of your apartment building and the price you charge tenants for each apartment. Renters want apartments that use the latest security technology and are willing to pay a premium for premium safety features. And if you ever want to sell your apartment building, you may be able to get a higher price on the market because of your investment in advanced security like keyless locks. 

Easier Unit Turnover

The process of turning a unit over to a new tenant is tedious with a standard keyed entry system. You must wait for tenants to return their keys or spend time and money changing the locks if a tenant refuses. You’ll also have to coordinate with the new tenant to get the keys into their hand so they can gain access to their new apartment. New tenants may also wonder whether another one of their apartment keys is in a previous tenant’s possession. 

Make unit turnover simple with keyless locks. All you have to do when transitioning tenants is program a new code for the unit so only the new tenant has access to the apartment. This helps you save time and money every time you turn a unit over to a new tenant. 

More Appeal to Renters

Many renters want a residential apartment with electronic locks. When you consider all the features and benefits listed throughout this article, it’s easy to understand why. Here are some more reasons why keyless entry is such a draw for potential renters:

  • Tenants no longer have to keep track of a physical set of keys.
  • Tenants can feel confident that they will always have access to their homes. 
  • Tenants can easily let maintenance into their apartments, even when they’re away from the unit. 
  • Tenants can enjoy more peace of mind that only they have access to their apartment at any given time. 

Less of a Need for Staff to Check Renters In

Apartment building owners often have a stake in more than one property. As your landlord reach continues to grow, you may have to start hiring people to work for you, including office staff and property managers. The more tenants you get, the more need you’ll have for other people to help you handle tenant requests and unit turnovers. 

You can cut back on staff with the help of keyless locks. With physical locks, people need to check renters into their new units, provide their new keys and make sure that they are the only ones with access to the unit. With keyless locks, checking renters in is as simple as giving them their new code for the unit. This can allow you to hire fewer people to help check renters in, saving you money and increasing your profits.

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